Advanced English CAE

duration: 12 weeks
price: $8.00
Language learning Cambridge Advanced English

About this Course

This course prepares you fully for the CAE exam. The syllabus blends tried and tested course materials with supplementary multi-media content. This ensures that you are challenged to explore your own creativity and develop your critical thinking skills through the medium of English. This is done by engaging with authentic English resources and real-world content. True learning involves reaching out beyond books and tests. This also makes your learning experience more exciting and relevant. Are you ready to step outside your comfort zone?

Live online lessons

 60 minute lessons in a beautiful virtual classroom

1) Speaking practice 

2) writing and correcting

3) Reading 

4) Listening

Multi-media learning materials

Rich learning content to support exam preparation.

​1) Google docs, pdfs

2) video

3) presentations

4) infographics

Learning management system

This is your learning space where course content is stored.

1) multi-media lesson content  

2) focused exam practice

3) quizzes, tests and assignments

4) feedback & correction

Learning modules

  • Course Syllabus
    • Introduction to the CAE Exam

  • Unit 1: Encounters - relationships
    • Listening 1

    • Listening 2

    • Listening 3

    • listening 4

    • Letter to the editor

  • Unit 2: Advertising
    • Listening 1

    • Listening 2

    • Listening 3

    • Listening 4

  • Unit 3: Bridging gaps - poverty
    • Listening 1

    • Listening 2

  • Unit 4:Entertainment
  • Unit 5:Education
  • Unit 6: Human Nature
  • Unit 7: History & Culture
  • Unit 8: Rural versus Urban
  • Unit 9: Animals & us
    • Listening 1

    • Listening 2

    • Listening 3

    • Listening 4

    • Listening 5

  • Unit 10: Science & technology
    • Listening 1

    • Listening 2

    • Listening 3

    • Listening 4

    • Listening 5

About the Instructor

15 courses

8 students


Sylvia Guinan

I help English language learners to develop fluency by providing highly interactive learning experiences.

I'm a qualified English teacher from Ireland with over 20 year's experience. I live in Greece with my 4 Irish/Greek bilingual children. I started working online 10 years ago so as to raise my kids while working independently from home.

When I'm not teaching, I'm into reading, writing, movies, keeping fit, cooking healthy food and enjoying the outdoors.

Me as a Teacher

I have experience teaching Greek, Eastern European, Russian, Asian, and Arabic students; both locally and virtually. In fact, my lessons have probably touched students from all continents of the globe; not least because of free online creativity classes that I used to hold and share on Facebook, back when I was starting out online. My foray into online teaching has led me into blogging, eLearning, multi-media, materials development, and digital course creation. Therefore I am passionate about creating engaging courses for my students.

My Lessons & Teaching Style

As a lifelong learner, I am always experimenting with new ways to learn and teach. The most important thing, however, is communication and rapport. I build confidence in my students and inspire them through communicative challenges. My work is the result of much research into the psychology of learning, as well as hands-on experience with multi-media technology.

My Teaching Material

  • Syllabus
  • Text Documents
  • Powerpoint Presentations
  • Images and Visuals
  • Video
  • Flashcards
  • News Articles and Magazines
  • Quizzes
  • Example Test Templates
  • Graphs and Charts
  • Homework Assignments



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